Accessing Services

How does an individual apply for the HCBS Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability (I/DD) Waiver?

The “single point of entry” into the HCBS Developmental Disabilities Waiver in Kansas is your local Community Developmental Disabilities Organization (CDDO). They will determine eligibility and will work with the person and/or their family to access services from a variety of Community Service Providers in your area.

When you contact the East Central Kansas CDDO, you will need to ask for Paula Morgan.  She will give or send you an application packet that includes instructions on the needed documentation (copies of: Social Security Card, Medicaid card, Birth Certificate, Adoption papers (if applicable), Guardianship papers (if applicable), Third Party Liability form and copy of insurance card (if you have coverage through an insurance company that is not Medicaid/Medicare), School Records (IEP, School Psychological Evaluation, IQ scores, early childhood records), Services Records (speech, occupational, physical therapy, tiny K, Success by Six, and other therapies), and Diagnostic Records (psychological evaluation by a person licensed to give an intellectual disability diagnosis).

After Paula receives back all the required documentation, she will process the documents according to the criteria that the State of KS has given for making an eligibility determination.  If you are not eligible for the waiver, she will give you your appeal rights, as well as refer you to organizations which might be able to meet your needs.

If you are eligible for the Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability Waiver, then she will schedule a time to meet with you and your support team to complete a functional assessment (currently called BASIS) that, once entered into the State data system, will put you on the waiting list for services.  There is currently a waiting list for services.

If you are eligible for the waiver, you are also eligible to get services from a Targeted Case Manager (TCM).  The Targeted Case Manager services can be paid for through the Medicaid card if you are considered to be Title 19.  If you are not Title 19 eligible, then you will need to private pay for TCM services.  There is no waiting list for TCM services, once eligible for the waiver.

All waiver services are paid for through the Medicaid card.  In Kansas, there are three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) who pay for these services through the Medicaid card: Amerigroup, Sunflower and United. Once you have a Medicaid card, you will be initially assigned an MCO.  Once on the waiver, you will be assigned a Care Coordinator through the MCO, and that person will work with your Targeted Case Manager to make sure that you get the best services to fit your needs.

When the MCO offers you a funded service through the waiver, the CDDO will offer you a choice of the providers that do that service in our area.  These providers contract or affiliate with the CDDO to be able to provide these services in our three county area. After your services begin, the CDDO will monitor your services to make sure that they are done according to your Person-Centered Support Plan (PCSP), to make sure that they keep you safe, healthy, and moving toward your preferred lifestyles goals, and that these services safeguard your rights.  This monitoring is called Quality Assurance.  If you have any issues with how your services are being given to you, please try to first work it out with your provider.  If you do not feel that you are being heard, then you can contact the CDDO to assist you.