SHICK Counseling (Senior Healthcare Insurance Counseling for Kansas)

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Medicare Part D Worksheet

Click here for the Medicare Part D Worksheet.

Medicare Part D Extra Help

Click here for more information on Part D assistance.

Click here to see an illustration of how the donut hole works and to see the guideline table for the cost share amounts prior to and once you reach the donut hole.

Click here to view the Extra Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs​ on the Social Security website. 

Medicare Savings Program

Click here for information on getting help paying for your Medicare costs through the Medicare Savings Program

New to Medicare

Click here to learn about the quarterly trainings held at the agency for beneficiaries new to the Medicare system. 

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​How to File an Appeal

Click here for information on the Medicare appeals process for denied claims.

Offering several services on Medicare we provide extra help with Medicare Part D, SHICK (Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas), and New to Medicare trainings.

Other Resources

Official Medicare website: www.medicare.gov

Social Security online: www.socialsecurity.gov

Official Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Site www.cms.hhs.gov

RxAssist.org: Look up your medications (brand or generic) for information as to whether you can get them free directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturer www.rxassist.org

Medicare Rights: www.medicareinteractive.org

Medicare’s Durable Medical Equipment Program: www.cms.gov